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Sessions with Jane are life changing, she has such a gentle, encouraging manner and I was amazed at how freely I moved, pain free after just one hour.

By far the best physiotherapy I've ever received, and I've had lots!

Many thanks for a most inspiring workshop. To learn how to keep this stillness and incorporate it into daily tasks we all have to perform should be taught at school. This workshop will be changing people’s lives and improve how they interact with other human beings.

Definitely the best, more caring, informative physiotherapist I have met.

One of my legs was fractionally shorter than the other, whether due to pelvic misalignment or muscle shortening, xrays were not clear. By the 4th session with Jane I no longer needed to keep the build up support in my shoe, in fact my leg felt awkward with it in, and I haven’t needed it since.

"Thanks for putting me straight!"

Jane is a wonderful person to be around. She is warm, very easy to be with and very genuine. Being with her is part of the therapeutic process.

The sessions were very relaxing and I instantly felt more “together.” The longer term effects were really positive helping me to shift long term leg pain and improve my posture which in turn has had a knock on effect in helping me to stay positive. I have also related my sessions to improvements in my relationships.

Rolfing/ Structural Integration with Jane was extremely positive. Not only did it allow me to sit comfortably again, but it restored to me the ability to stand straight and tall on both legs. Now, seven years on those benefits remain. Moreover Jane’s knowledge of the body is impressive and her manner delightful. I recommend her to you very, very highly.

I feel more integrated and balanced physically and emotionally. I feel more aligned and grounded. This is an incredibly powerful process, which encourages your system to continue to move towards wholeness, in between and after sessions.

These sessions with you do me a great deal of good. You are a loving, honest and accurate practitioner and I am able to be fully present to the place where we meet.