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Jane runs regular postural and relaxation classes locally and holds workshops around the UK.

Re-connect class, Saturday, 6 December 2014
Give yourself the time to re-connect and rejuvenate before the festive season is upon you. This mini workshop will focus on re-connecting back to you. Through a series of gentle breath exercises, connective tissue exercise and postural awareness work, you will be given the opportunity to stop the momentum you are in and find a gentler, more at home place to be in your body. What better gift can you give yourself this Christmas?

See and download Re-Connect December 2014 details here (pdf).
Contact Jane for more information.

Re-connect classes, Mondays, August 2014
These fun and gentle classes have been created to help you uncover the old established patterns that have been restricting your movement and your posture.
Contact Jane for details.

Gentle Breath Meditation Group, July 2014
Gentle Breath meditation is simple - it simply allows you a moment to reconnect to you. This form of meditation does not involve any poses, visualisations or chants and will be carried out sitting on a chair.
Contact Jane for details.

"Re-Connect" June 2014 workshop
Through breath work, self awareness and postural exercises you can discover simple tools to support you and your body re-connect to a more gentle, balanced way of being, all day, every day.

See and download full Re-Connect details here (pdf).

Discover Your True Voice 2013 workshop with Chris James
We were all born with a beautiful voice and the ability to express freely!
See Chris in action on youtube at Big Sing with Chris James, and visit his website at www.chrisjames.net/

See and download full Discover Your True Voice details here (pdf).

True Posture classes 2012
How to sit, stand and move with ease

See and download the True Posture leaflet here (pdf).